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Keeping it Simple

Since our field is only four acres we have to take care not to abuse the land but realize as much potential from it as we can.  Managing and rotating the fields is a constant struggle, in order to provide for enough quality trees so you and your family will make our farm part of your families Christmas. 

Farm History

Farm Philosophy

My wife Alicia and I were scouting property for a few years before we purchased this house and land.  Maybe it wasn't the massive farm we planned on but it is absoutely where we were meant to be.  Over the years as our family grew, our 2 daughters and nephew are now part of the team.

Windswept Tree Farm

Family Owned/Family Run

If you are really into Christmas, really bored or have a book report due, here's your place! 

Christmas Lore

Tree Care

We are CLOSED for the 2023 Season.  Merry Christmas!

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